Are you a new or struggling trader and want to be a professional trader?

If so, we can help you and provide you with the necessary tools for you to succeed in your goals. Professional traders already have realized there are certain aspects that make one a professional trader all of which RenkoKings will provide for you.

1. Written trade-plan

A written trade plan is a must if you want to thrive in the trading business and RenkoKings provides you with a precise, clear cut plan which adheres to your objectives and outlines what you want to accomplish in a given time frame.

2. Written Set of Rules

Our software is based on an algorithm which follows a certain set of rules which identifies risks and targets of entries and guides you according to it. RenkoKings helps keep you on track.

3. Defined Entry

Our software clearly points out a defined entry point which is suitable for trading in the market and makes trading infinitely easier for our users.

4. Defined Profit Strategy

Our software operates in such a way to help make you potential profitable transactions in your trades and includes sound money management techniques.

5. Daily Trade Log

A daily trade log is the best way to keep track of your trades and measure your performance as you prepare to go from Practice Trading to Live Trading. It builds confidence in establishing a pattern and ensuring success. We provide a daily trade log which is customizable according to your needs.

6. Practice-trading to Live-trading

We suggest that everyone starts out practice trading before jumping into live trading. This will allow you to build confidence over time and remove the stress of losing real money. We provide you a written trade plan with steps which help you finish the journey from a practice trader to a live trader.