Ever wished trend-following could be a walk in the park, even in choppy markets?

Meet RK-Sys Platinum v4—the irreplaceable secret sauce in Pro trader’ system that elevate your day-trading strategy:

Trend-following is a solid strategy, but the real magic happens when you nail the perfect timing – that sweet spot where rewards soar, and risks stay minimal.

And yet, not everyone can handle it well, especially with all the mental games of a volatile, choppy market, which even makes Pro traders feel uneasy.

This system integrates a “Follow the trend” set of rules, and strong signal filters that make you able to handle choppy market. It is the perfect discretionary trading system.


The main type of trading signals inside RK-Sys Platinum v4 is Pullback signals and sticks to the rule “Follow the Trend”.

The special thing is, these pullback signals are generated at 5 different signal types, and each of them goes through complicated filtering methods for highest reliability:

✅ Trend age filters help you shape the window during which a signal is accepted. Protect you from entering if the trend is too young or too old, and aim for the safest signals.

✅ The retracement filter works by eliminating unqualified signals, considering the minimally/maximally accepted retracement (in ticks) measured from the latest swing point.


Or, in actual results, earning over $600 in profit/day


So if you ever thought about more of a stress-free trading experience…

Your meticulous tasks of number crunching, trend detection, and dealing with intricate math algorithms can be significantly streamlined, leading to a substantial boost in precision with RK-Sys Platinum v4.

This efficiency not only saves you valuable time, effort, and mental energy but ensures a heightened level of accuracy, allowing you to allocate these resources to other tasks (such as reading books, enjoying a sip of coffee, or engaging in activities that contribute to a stress-free and balanced lifestyle).

Yes, it’s true. RK-Sys Platinum v4 can handle all the hard work for you, maintaining the HIGHEST precision and sending your rewards SOARING.

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By focusing on pullback signals, we aim to position you strategically in the market, allowing you to benefit from the momentum of an existing trend.

This approach aligns with the philosophy that entering the market during a well-established trend can provide a higher probability of success, maximizing potential rewards while minimizing associated risks. It’s all about capitalizing on favorable market conditions to enhance your trading rewards.

And that’s not all…

Introducing our latest innovation – Price action pullback signals (PA).

This cutting-edge feature operates based on the very first reversal candles of KingRenko$ – a unique bar type that reflects REAL prices.

rk-sys platinum-4

These signals aim for massive rewards, with a bigger chance of catching an early formation trend.

A small difference in Entry could make a huge profit difference, and it’s like jumping into a much bigger fortune!

Despite Price action pullback signals’ apparent simplicity, they have proven to be both reliable and productive in our rigorous backtesting:

We believe in delivering not just innovation but practical, effective tools that stand the test of real market conditions.

This means you can expect SOLID rewards when trading any type of signals generated by RK-Sys Platinum v4.

Trend Visual

Instantly grasp market trends with the cloud color of RK-Sys Platinum v4 – Green for an uptrend and Pink for a downtrend.

Diversity & Customizability

Each signal type is presented in a distinct shape and custom symbol, simplifying differentiation. Better yet, you have the power to customize and hide any signal type that doesn’t align with your current analysis.

So witness the success firsthand in this winning LIVE trading video from our 10-year-experienced trader, James Buchman:


Who are we?

We are RenkoKings, a sister brand of ninZa.co, committed to delivering premium Renko indicators and systems, prominently featuring the robust RK-Sys Platinum system.

RK-Sys Platinum is a discretionary day trading system that provides SIMPLE CLEAR ENTRIES with defined risk and entries on every trade.

With advanced filtering capabilities, we ensure the consistent provision of high-quality signals, adept at catering to both trending and sideways market conditions.

The system‘s user-friendly interface is designed to enhance the overall trading experience, enabling both novice and experienced traders to navigate seamlessly through its functionalities.

Customer Reviews Speak Volumes

But don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied users have found success with RK-Sys Platinum v4 and are eager to share their experiences: