Unraveling trend structures is your goal? Look no further than Zigzag Swing Pro – it’s a suggestion for you.

With Zigzag Swing Pro, users witness meaningful swing points and the indicator recognizes tops and bottoms with more precision.

Important data: swing length, bar count, duration, volume, and retracement is displayed at each swing point

The indicator plots swing levels, divided into Inactive and Active levels, to provide a more intuitive view of support and resistance.


Craving Trend Insights and Signals? Introducing Solar Wind RK – Your Trend Powerhouse! Discover the #1 Bestseller for Unveiling Trend Dynamics.

Solar Wind RK provides signals for various stages of uptrend: start/ strong/ pullback/ strengthening/ weak.

Solar Wind RK provides signals for various stages of downtrend: start/ strong/ pullback/ strengthening/ weak.

Signal Wave: Identifying wave cycles within a trend (according to Elliott Wave theory).


If you want to automatically identify Supply-Demand zones, tracking price action, then Supply/Demand Discovery is your best proposition.

Supply/Demand Discovery automatically draws and alerts Supply-Demand zones.

Supply/Demand Discovery has modes: touch – break – return – no signal.


Exploring Support-Resistance Zones? Market Extremes is Your Go-To Solution.

Market extremes include:

Market tops: A top must be not lower than the highs of N bars to its left and not lower than the highs of M bars to its right.

Market bottoms: A bottom must be not greater than the lows of N bars to its left and not greater than the lows of M bars to its right.


Seeking profits during trending markets? Opt for pullback signals. And for the strongest pullback signal, Sumo Pullback$ is your ideal choice.

Sumo Pullback$ provides the strongest pullback signals.

The red/green clouds serve as both trend identifiers and dynamic support-resistance zones.

It’s visual, effective, and easy to use.


If you’re seeking reversal signals or struggling with ineffective Oscillator indicators, Multi-Osc OB/OS Overlap is your best suggestion.

The Trio of Oscillators in One         RSI – Stochastic – MFI:

+ Highly reliable Overbought/ Oversold zones.                      

+ Highly reliable reversal signals.

Good signals for both sideways and trending markets.

And if you find it complicated to combine indicators together and need a complete trading system for immediate use, RK-Sys Platinum is the ultimate proposal for you.

  • Discretionary trading system: From basic to advanced.

  • Advanced signal filters are customizable.

  • Discretionary trading system: From basic to advanced.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly, simple, and effective interface.

  • Comes with signal modes and alert systems.

Who are we? What is the RenkoKings brand?

We are ninZa.co, a leading provider in the NinjaTrader ecosystem with over 10 years of development experience.

As the #1 partner in NT8’s vendor ecosystem, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider in the NinjaTrader community.

Our products have gained recognition and support from over 20,000 NinjaTrader users across all continents.

We take pride in offering 5-star customer support to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

RenkoKings is one of the sister brands of ninZa.co.

RenkoKings is a premium line of products developed by ninZa.co using the ninZaRenko and KingRenko$ bar types. With RenkoKings, you’ll discover quality items that may not be found anywhere else.