Why Renko Kings?


Simple Clear Entries – We print Large Colored Arrows on your chart telling when to Enter & which Direction


Defined Entries on every trade – This refers to RISK!  How can you know your RISK if your ENTRY changes every TRADE?


Defined Risk on every trade – You MUST Understand RISK to be successful – We have you covered!


Sound Money Management Practices – We keep you SAFE with mathematically matched Targets and proper trailing techniques!

What they’re saying

My first day 3 trades 2 that went the full 100+ ticks and one that I got out of at Resistance for 40 ticks. It is so easy I do not have to watch it, I have plenty of time with the alert. My trading helps me to pick which trades to take, as we discussed yesterday. Its amazing I only purchased this because of your excellent presentation, I have tried a couple of other Renko programs but they were not a fit for me. Anyway had a lot of fun today.

Today I worked the first time with the software, and for me it works like a charm! 🙂
Being for several years in the trading business and now trading for a living, I must confess that I’ve rarely seen such clean charts, where price action and support and resistance areas are shown so clearly and easy to spot. I took only a few trades in SIM today, and my PnL shows around 2k in profits (before Trump’s press conference!).
IMO, that’s a very good start for the first day with a new software!

Another Good Day on NQ!! 25+25+52+21=123 Ticks * $5 = $615 2nd trade 26+52+14=92 ticks *$5=$460 thats a total of $1075 in one day!